TEXTile by Jean Shin


Jean Shin develop TEXTile  in collaboration with The Cloth Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia – 22,528 recycled personal computer keycaps and 192 personalized keycaps, cloth, tailored energetic keyboard and interactive application, video clip projection and painted aluminum armature.

In this interactive sculpture, 1000’s of recycled keyboard keys are embedded into a ongoing textile. The keys spell out a line-by-line transcript of the e-mail correspondence in between the artist and fabricators concerning the development of the artwork. As a consequence, the sculpture paperwork its personal creating. Viewers can also sort their personal messages on the energetic keys amid the initial a few rows of e-mails. These new messages are then projected on to the reverse stop of the cloth, therefore continuing the digital dialogue. The task speaks to the pervasiveness of e-mail in our life even though commenting on the simple fact that, in spite of the present day technologies of digital conversation, our created language is connected to the tactile feeling of relocating our fingers above an outmoded typewriter program.

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